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Ally of the Year

The Ally of the Year Award spotlights men working to foster gender equality in the channel through sponsorship, advocacy and other actions that build supportive, collaborative work environments and drive systemic change.

This category is now closed

Channel Innovator of the Year

The Channel Innovator Award celebrates trailblazing women with a fresh business perspective who have shown outstanding capacity to instigate channel evolution. Applicants should demonstrate a business leadership track record of change, originality and inspiration in their accomplishments and/or achievements in the IT channel.

This category is now closed

Executive Mentor of the Year

The Executive Mentor of the Year Award celebrates women who have a passion for developing others’ careers, those who proactively help other women develop their skills and rise to leadership positions in the channel.

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Hidden Gem of the Year

The winner of this category will be someone her colleagues regard as indispensable to the business but whose hard work rarely sees the spotlight. Her contributions are felt far and wide, even though she’s not well-known outside the organization.

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Marketing Executive of the Year

Marketing teams sit at the heart of many successful channel businesses. This award will honor an outstanding woman in marketing who can quantify the generated demand and increased brand or project awareness they drove for their channel business.

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Rising Star of the Year

The Rising Star Award is for the most promising, up-and-coming women in the channel, those who are newly making their mark. This may be a newer employee who has made an exceptionally strong impact in a short time or a manager/executive early in her career who is making waves throughout the business.

This category is now closed

Role Model of the Year

With the IT industry desperately short of women in the workforce—especially at more senior levels—role models are essential. This award honors executives who inspire their colleagues and lead by example, setting the bar for channel leadership success.

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Sales Executive of the Year

Sales has always been the bedrock of the channel. This award will go to an outstanding woman in sales with a proven track record of building strong customer relationships and driving growth.

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Woman of the Year

This award will go the woman most deserving of recognition for her achievements in the IT channel over the past 12 months as an all-around standout in channel acumen and leadership. She will be inspiring to others and will have brought about significant success and change in her organization.

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Diversity Employer of the Year

The diversity employer of the year will be doing industry-leading work in building an atmosphere in which a diverse workforce can thrive.

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Gender Parity Award

This award will go to an organization with a strong track record of nurturing talent among employees who are women. The winner will demonstrate elements such as having a diverse workforce and a high percentage of women in leadership roles, along with efforts to support the professional development and growth of women throughout the organization.

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Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award will honor philanthropic actions a company has taken to build improve the world around it.

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